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Melbourne Awnings is a premier retractable awning and sun shade system company, bringing you the best in custom fitted awnings, retractable roofs, external sun blinds, canopies, and outdoor sun roofs.
Awnings Melbourne

Are you looking for high-quality awnings Melbourne customers love? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Melbourne Awnings, we’ve be providing the best outdoor protection for domestic and commercial properties for over 35 years, giving us a unique understanding of what you need for any situation.

For manual or automatic awnings in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered. From patios to rooftops, gardens to windows, we have the best selection around because we’ve learned how unpredictable the weather can be in Melbourne; sun one moment and rain the next. To make sure you have every opportunity to enjoy your outdoor area, we’re available to help.

Waterproof awnings in Melbourne prove to be very popular among our customers, as many know how quickly the rain can arrive but there are also plenty of choices of materials, colours and styles – including transparent awnings to provide an unblocked view.

Browse our website to learn more about awnings in Melbourne but for more in-depth knowledge or assistance, contact our team or speak to us today by calling 03 9595 9099.

Custom external /outdoor awnings

Outdoor awnings in Melbourne have multiple uses. Not only do they protect you from adverse weather such as the rain, but they can also provide cover from the sun, too. As a bonus, external awnings are great for managing the temperature of your home or outdoor area, blocking some of the heat from entering and keeping you that bit cooler – and it helps with energy costs, too!

For something a little more unique, we can help with our custom awnings for Melbourne customers. Whether a smaller or tricky space or if you’re just after something unique, speak to our experts and find out what we can do to help.

outdoor shade awnings
Window shade awnings

Shade awnings or sun awnings in Melbourne mostly cover your windows from the outside. Their biggest benefit is protecting you from direct sunlight or rain and allow you to leave the window open throughout either. Your home is protected from the elements while allowing a refreshing breeze inside, helping you manage the heat and saving on energy.

Our selection of window awnings in Melbourne are durable enough to withstand anything the weather throws at them, making them a solid investment while also adding character and style to your property. It’s why the popularity of external awnings around Melbourne is constantly on the rise.

Retractable outdoor shade awnings

Over the years, we’ve learned that awnings aren’t always needed and that’s why retractable outdoor awnings prove to be the very popular. This gives home and business owners the final say over when they’re needed, knowing that they can be used to offer quick protection from the elements.

A retractable shade awning can be manually or electronically operated depending on your preference, making it more convenient for you, and can fit a range of spaces and areas. Look no further than us for retractable awnings in Melbourne whatever your needs may be. We’re positive we can help find the best solution.

custom awnings
Outside blinds Melbourne

At Melbourne Awnings, we have a fantastic range of external blinds Melbourne customers love to show off. As with our other outdoor products, these are to protect your home from the weather – both hot and cold – by helping you managing the temperature without appliances adding to your energy bills and keeping fresh air circulating.

Outside blinds in Melbourne are growing in popularity especially on large windows that let a lot of light in, which can be disruptive in some occasions. The option to raise and lower them on demand means you have complete control over your home regardless of the weather.


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