ZipTrak ® Clear PVC Blind


ZipTrak The new Track Guided Sunblind System is ideal solution for veranda or pergola enclosure. Fitted with either Clear or Tinted PVC,it makes the ideal solution for  pergola enclosure from wind and rain.
The blind can be easily pushed down or up and it will stay at whenever position you require. Perfectly fitted in between posts or pillars, available in pull-down or wind out or motorised system depending on the size of the screening required.

Featuring patented ZipTrak system with high quality 0.75mm thick Clear or Tinted PVC fabric fully enclosed in side channels with easy pull-down operation and lock in bottom position. Check out on the below videos on ZipTrak® blinds:

Video Release 1 - Ziptrak® PVC Blinds

Video Release 2 - Why Ziptrak® Spring Balanced? Crank V's Spring

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