Pleated Patio awning on Tracks


Manually operated, this retractable shade screen pleated blind sits under your existing pergola and runs on aluminium tracks or on stainless steel cables, making it a very popular shade for areas of up to 6mX6m. It can withstand the elements well, as the tracks are attached underneath the pergola rafters.


Pleated patio awnings on tracks are perfect for shading areas under existing pergolas or under glass covered roofs. The awning glides on aluminium tracks which are bolted under pergola rafters. A type of pleated awning, called Shaderunner, runs on stainless steel cables and is available in shade mesh fabric that lets the rain through while keeping the sun off. Shaderunner can be fitted between two walls without pergola frame or rafters in place. With a wide selection of patterns and fashionable colours available, you can create a unique design that complements your outdoor décor.

With exceptional heat and glare reduction qualities, these shade blinds enable you to control the sunlight and keep your pergola shaded on the hotter Melbourne days. When fitted with 95% shade mesh fabric, they can even be left out in hot windy days.

Pleated patio blinds will compact into a narrow stack when retracted back. Colorbond flashing is added to cover the stacks and prevent debris getting into pleats when the blind is closed. Melbourne Shade Systems can also design and install a new supporting steel rafters or a structure to suit pleated patio awnings.

Operated by endless cord and cleat, our pergola shading systems are easy to operate and offer great aesthetical values in softening existing supporting structures. Control the amount of sunlight by pulling the cord. They can also be motorised to cover an area of up to of 6x6 metres in a single unit.

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