Sunscreen Blinds


When it comes to choosing the material for your patio blinds in Melbourne, Melbourne Awnings is here to help. We have over 35 years of experience to make sure you get the right size, style and material for your outdoor bistro blinds, with available options including clear PVC outdoor blinds, canvas blinds and even mesh sun blinds in Melbourne – all depending on your situation. We also stock patio sun shades from leading brands, including Aluxor awnings.

Canvas outdoor café blinds are a common choice because they block sunlight and can regulate temperatures of the areas they protect, offering a cooler area during the height of the day. Meanwhile, sunscreen mesh outside awnings let some light through, meaning you can enjoy the cover for longer. It acts as a middle ground between canvas and clear PVC café blinds.

Neither option is waterproof, however. For that, you’ll want to look at PVC coated materials. That doesn’t mean your outdoor roll up blinds will completely block out the sun, though, as you can look at clear patio blinds to allow some light to come through.


With a great range of café blinds Melbourne businesses love, Melbourne Awnings can help you regulate the atmosphere, light and temperature in your business. Our café bistro blinds can reduce your business costs while letting you adapt to different light levels and temperatures throughout the day depending on what you need. Both manual and motorised options are also available for our café awnings in Melbourne.

The same is true for bistro blinds in Melbourne, which are used in a similar way to clear café blinds. There are many different styles, colours, patterns and materials of pull down sun shade to choose from, making it easy to match your branding or create a unique look for your bistro blinds to set you apart from your competitors.


You’ll find the best clear outdoor blinds in Melbourne in our selection, allowing you to have confidence in our high-quality products to deliver great results that last for years. While it’s common for blinds to be inside, choosing clear PVC outdoor blinds provides protection for open areas without losing the view or sunlight available.

The protection is excellent during changeable weather, as you can still enjoy the outside space but without the risk of rain or wind interfering with your plans. Made to fit your needs, our outdoor clear plastic roller blinds are an increasingly popular choice for many customers seeking outdoor sun shade in Melbourne.


We recommend PVC blinds in Melbourne to really protect your outdoor area from the rain. With the weather often being unpredictable – and this is something we’ve all experienced in this city – you want reliable patio weather protection blinds that are quick and easy to release, which is exactly what we provide at Melbourne Awnings.

You don’t have to go with PVC coated canvas if you still want to let some light shine through, as we also provide clear PVC blinds in Melbourne. Our clear blinds allow more heat through to the covered area, which is worth remembering if you’re considering retractable sun shades for outdoor use.

Contact us online to find out more about our sun blinds in Melbourne. Alternatively, you can call us on (03) 9595 9099 to speak to an expert about our available café blinds and sun blinds for patios and other outdoor areas. Whether you’re after sun shades for decks, a retractable sun shade for a patio or PVC café blinds, we can provide the solution you need.

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