Cassette Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings

Smart, contemporary design features a cassette top box that hides away the fabric once it is retracted, providing almost complete protection from the elements.

Ideal solution for beach side homes with sand and salt winds. Available in various diesigns and sizes, custom made to suit from as little as 2.5 metres long to a large 12 metres with four arms.

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Awnings at Mount Martha

Base 2000


Awnings at Mount Martha

Base 2000 model, powder coated


Brighton Awnings

135 cassette model in charcoal canvas


Folding Arm Awning in Brighton

135 model standard frame colour


Folding Arm Awning in Brighton

model 135 slim line when retacted


Lewens Family KOMPAKT

awning in Bendigo


Lewens Family KOMPAKT retracted

Cafe MoVida in Melbourne

Melbourne Awnings - Union Street, Brighton East VIC 3187

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