Aluxor Toga Folding Arm Awning


Aluxor awning Toga has a semi-enclosed extruded aluminium cassette hood in a very stylish slim-line design measuring 210mm high x 185mm deep. Hood provides great protection against soiling and corrosion.

Available in Single units of up to 7 metres in length by 4 metres in projection. Coupled units can be up to 14 metres long as a single awning. Toga is equally ideal for a wall fix or top fix installation system.

The Oversquare' design allows the awning arms to extend to a distance that is greater than its width. When the Oversquare feature is used a fabric valance replaces the bottom section of the aluminium fascia.

Available with Extendable Valance feature for shading West or East facing courtyards and windows.

The unit can be operated manually by winding handle or it can be motorised with optional sun, wind and timer sensors.

Prestigious Brands